Behind every successful production… Is expert planning & coordination!

Our job is to understand your needs and serve you. We love it!! Want a snowstorm on the beach in August? Done that. Want polo ponies, teak yachts, or Gone With The Wind oak alleys? Easy. They’re available. Need a fleet of antique Indian motorcycles? OK. Where?

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Location Scouting and Management is our premier service. We know The Lowcountry. Since 1979, we’ve shared our knowledge with the film industry – of our region, our close & even ancestral ties with its people, as well as our fascination and deep love of our natural habitat, architecture, and history. There is a reason that after exploring the south east coast in the 1660’s, the British put all their bets on Charleston.  It was beautiful, winters were mild, the soil was rich, natural harbors, rivers, and creeks were natural transportation highways, and the waters and forests were teeming with wildlife. Its indented position on the Carolina coast protected it from most great storms that went on to hit Cape Fear and northward. Charleston then and now was a transportation, cultural, and communications hub for the South East USA. Today, Charleston remains the same and yet is a profoundly modern city underneath its veneer of history. Services for the film industry from crew and production catering to studios and suppliers run deep. We work closely with The South Carolina Film Office, Beaufort Film Office, and although there is no Charleston Film Office per se, we work very closely with many Charleston location scouts, sharing images and locations with each other to get your business.

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Accomodations. We work closely with hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, beach and golf resorts, as well as private oceanfront properties to find you great, convenient lodging at deeply discounted prices.

Transportation & everything to get you to your locations. We partner with Charleston Production Vans to get you fully equipped Custom Production Motorhomes, catering, & craft services. Use their complete services or a la carte.

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